Writings: Biosecurity Qld throwing good fire ant bait after bad. Dumping v spreading. Likely to make ants bait-shy. Doing more harm than good.

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Fire ants are spreading out of control through south-east Queensland because of the debacle which is the National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program, run by Biosecurity Queensland. The program is now dumping the responsibility to treat fire ant nests onto property owners and residents.

Biosecurity Queensland is recommending four fire ant baits:  

  • Distance – active ingredient pyriproxyfen.
  • Synergy Pro – active ingredients pyriproxyfen and hydramethylnon
  • Amdro – active ingredient hydramethylnon
  • Advion – active ingredient indoxacarb.

The Red Imported Fire Ant is a forager. The manufacturers of those products say their product works best when the ants actively forage for it, carry it back to their nest and feed it to their queen and other workers.

To encourage the ants to forage, the manufacturers recommend using a spreader to apply a light, even coating of bait over the infested area – approximately 2 – 4g per 10m2 – and less is usually better than more.

The manufacturers warn against using excessive amounts of bait because it can make the ants bait-shy and consequently, make the bait less effective. 

But this is exactly what Biosecurity Queensland is doing – dumping a massive pile of bait (around 50g) right on top of a nest they have marked for treatment.

Not only is Biosecurity Queensland wasting bait and money it is doing more harm than good.

An utter failure and time for a Royal Commission.

17th July 2021