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17 Feb 2020

Are $multi-million properties in Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast infested with fire ants? Soil seen going to same areas staff are treating. Not on Biosecurity Qld's fire ant map. Is on Interstate Fire Ant Quarantine map. Time for a Royal Commission.

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09 Feb 2020

Biosecurity Queensland dumps the costs and risks of treating fire ant nests onto the public. Program scientist says don't treat now in wet weather as ants fly and float out of nests. Do they know what they're doing? Time for a Royal Commission.

With fire ants spreading out of control and re-infesting areas that have been treated for years, Biosecurity Queensland is dumping the costs and risks of treating fire ant nests onto the public. Have they thought this through? Will members of the public pay around $100 for 500g of bait or resort to ineffective or dangerous home remedies like...

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01 Feb 2020

Fresh fire ant nests found in Underwood Park, Logan, south-east Qld after $9m upgrade of sports and play grounds. Truck-loads of infested soil likely cause. Close to Biosecurity Qld Fire Ant Program HQ. No truck inspections. Time for a Royal Commission.

Fresh fire ant nests have been found in Underwood Park after a $9m upgrade of a sporting fields, play grounds and other amenities in a major Logan City community facility. Fire ants threaten the safety of hundreds of children and adults, sporting teams and their spectators, Logan residents and visitors who come to enjoy the park. The area has b...

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