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18 Jun 2019

A shopper was stung by fire ants in Bunning's car park on the weekend. Biosecurity Queensland puts public safety at risk. Time for a Royal Commission.

A shopper at Bunnings in Oxley in Brisbane’s south-west was stung by fire ants last weekend when they disturbed one of fifteen fire ant nests in the DYI Warehouse car park. The shopper didn’t notice they were standing right next to a nest until the ants swarmed over their shoes. The shopper managed to brush the ants off, but got stung in th...

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13 Jun 2019

Biosecurity Queensland has a backlog of ~9000 untreated fire ant nests. Asks public to report. Takes months to respond. Fire ants out of control. Time for a Royal Commission.

As of 31st May 2019, Biosecurity Queensland has a backlog of 8764 untreated fire ant nests across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Logan, Redlands cities and the Scenic Rim region. Biosecurity Queensland asks the public to check their properties and to report suspicious ants or nests. And they do! 80% of fire ant nests have been found by the publ...

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27 May 2019

More fake science from Biosecurity Qld's Fire Ant Program. Fire ants contained to 1/2m ha? No. Fire ants stopped from spreading 69m ha? No. Time for a Royal Commission

Dr Wylie, Science Manager of Biosecurity Queensland’s Fire Ant Program, recently claimed in a television interview that Biosecurity Queensland had contained the spread of fire ants to 500,000ha of south-east Queensland and stopped fire ants from spreading 69,000,000 ha between Sydney, Mackay and Charleville. A study Biosecurity Queensland com...

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