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24 Jan 2020

Fresh fire ant nests threaten Springwood communities between Brisbane and Gold Coast. Inside Biosecurity Queensland's operations since 2001. Close to program HQ. Infested for years. Treated for years. Time for a Royal Commission.

More than a dozen new fire ant nests have been detected in the Dennis Road area in Springwood, Logan City, between Brisbane and the Gold Coast in south-east Queensland: around 10km from Biosecurity Queensland’s Fire Ant Program headquarters at Berrinba. They threaten the safety of residents in their backyards, shoppers at shopping centres, sc...

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13 Jan 2020

Fire ants out of control. Biosecurity Queensland dumps costs and responsibilities to find, kill and contain them onto the public, but keeps $42m annual budget. Time for a Royal Commission.

The National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program is an abject failure. Fire ants are out of control. The program has an annual budget of $42m to do three things: find fire ant nests, kill them and stop fire ants from spreading. Biosecurity Queensland is dumping the costs and responsibilities to do all three things onto the public. Biosec...

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06 Jan 2020

Biosecurity Queensland repeats same lies about the fire ant program. $411m 10 year plan a failure. Fire ants out of control. Time for a Royal Commission.

The facts are: Biosecurity Queensland failed to apply the three scheduled rounds of bait, over Priority Area 1, as prescribed by the $411.m Ten Year Fire Ant Eradication Program in both 2017 and 2018. Biosecurity Queensland completed only one and a half rounds of treatments in 2017-18 and was still completing the 2017-18 schedule in 2018-19. ...

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