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19 Aug 2019

Risk committee says lack of data an EXTREME risk to Biosecurity Queensland's Fire Ant Program. Poor operations a HIGH risk. Time for a Royal Commission.

The Risk Management Committee says extreme, high and long-standing risks threaten Biosecurity Queensland’s Fire Ant Program. Extreme risk: The program has never had a functioning information system or produced timely and accurate performance data. High risks: Poor governance. The new Steering Committee approves work plans after the wor...

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14 Aug 2019

Biosecurity Queensland's fire ant program an 'unmitigated disaster'. Pam Swepson interview with Mark Braybrook 4BC radio Brisbane 13th August 2019.

It’s never been feasible to eradicate fire ants. They were too well entrenched. We sacrificed an opportunity to contain and suppress them to chase after the last ant to kill it. Money wasted on jobs creation programs in Queensland and throwing good bait and good money after bad by under-treating the infestation. The fire ant infestation is...

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07 Aug 2019

Biosecurity Qld manager says fire ant program 'world class.' Facts: infestation 12 times worse, waste of public money. Pam Swepson interview with Steve Austin ABC radio Brisbane 5th August 2019.

• In 2003, I made a public interest disclosure to the Crime and Misconduct Commission that the fire ant program was over-stating its success and not reporting the serious issues threatening it. They rejected my claim. Mr Dudgeon is the latest program manager to continue the practice. He told Steve Austin ABC radio Brisbane on 31 July 2019 the p...

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